China just sent a ‘chilling message’ to the rest of the world

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  • 7/02/2021 को प्रकाशित
  • Communist China should be “given no respect” when it arbitrarily detains and arrests foreign citizens like Australian citizen Cheng Lei, according to former Victorian Liberal Party President Michael Kroger.
    Australian Journalist Cheng Lei was detained in China six months ago, Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne has now confirmed she was formally arrested last Friday, accused of leaking state secrets.
    Mr Kroger said the Chinese spokespeople push “nonsense and bulldust” and then expect the rest of the world to “believe this drivel” about respecting their processes.
    “This is a government where 99 per cent of people charged are found guilty,” he said.
    “It is a dictatorial, repressive, communist regime. It’s one of the last and worst communist regimes in the world, and they should be given no respect at all on issues like this”.
    Former Labor minister Stephen Conroy told Sky News China is becoming increasingly adept at “hostage diplomacy”.
    He said the arrest is a broader more “chilling message” when it comes to issues around Hong Kong, free trade, and Taiwan.
    “This is just another little message to the rest of the world.”

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  • minniemin
    minniemin साल पहले +5695

    I can't believe that I, an American, has to watch Australian news to get ACTUAL news

    • maria valencia
      maria valencia साल पहले

      How can this be that as an American we aren’t informed by our own news media? But then of course we get fake news. China is literally the gateway of hell on earth. God help these people that are being treated so horribly.

    • KC Conchgirl4ever
      KC Conchgirl4ever साल पहले

      Even TikTok has more facts and truth info being exposed and NOT being censored or blocks. Our medic Needs the FCC to shut them all down. They’re the ones that had no authority to announce ANYONE as President when states were not certified

    • James Williams
      James Williams साल पहले

      Cheng Lei was ratted out a spy in Aussie , a dingo watching the sheep , that's Baaad ?

  • Tanner Burton
    Tanner Burton साल पहले +1154

    When an American trust Australia more then there own country

    • Pure Oak
      Pure Oak साल पहले

      @Richie R. no America is an aggressive country. 2nd place in being the most aggressive country by influence

    • Richie R.
      Richie R. साल पहले

      That's about the only place telling some type of truth, who in America is honest enough to tell the public what's going on? You must have been vaccinated as well as blind

    • Pure Oak
      Pure Oak साल पहले

      @Lifelong Virgin never mind english. We love each other, that’s all that matters ❤️

    • Lifelong Virgin
      Lifelong Virgin साल पहले +1

      When an American trusts* Australia more than* their* own country.
      Can't Americans write proper English?

    • Pure Oak
      Pure Oak साल पहले +1

      @Michelle Romero thats why i’d rather my country go against american influence. And theirs tons of deals and treaty’s made in between with Canada and US. The US restricted Canada’s nuclear equipment, and deals that are selfish and only meant to ‘protect american homeland’ and many more restrictions that prevents Canada from protecting itself. If US left Canada to defend themselves, then Canada wouldn’t have a problem breaking those treatys and deals to protect itself. It also makes it harder since it’s population is small

  • N. Brown
    N. Brown साल पहले +1978

    So this is why Facebook blocked Australian news🤦🏾‍♀️ makes sense now!

    • Maya
      Maya साल पहले

      I am loving australia news! I'm hooked!

    • Alley Oop
      Alley Oop साल पहले

      @Riley D so where do you get your information from? I’m looking for unbiased reporting.

    • Mike Briar
      Mike Briar साल पहले

      Move outta China. US and our allies will only stand for so much.

  • Maksilver
    Maksilver साल पहले +747

    Hatts off to the Aussies, who are standing their ground on humanity and its moral values. God Bless

    • Alex Martins
      Alex Martins साल पहले +1

      This aged poorly

    • Freddie Allan
      Freddie Allan साल पहले

      Andrew Bolt is pretty fair with his reports

    • Off With The Fairies FOREVER
      Off With The Fairies FOREVER साल पहले +1

      They have threatened to bomb us now

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले +1

      @꧁ ̧.•'Adnan corner ̧.•'꧂ Yeah thats right.....we did attack.....and if you want them to know then make sure you let them know time they step out of line we will attach again.....make sure you let them know that as well

    • ꧁ ̧.•'Adnan corner ̧.•'꧂
      ꧁ ̧.•'Adnan corner ̧.•'꧂ साल पहले

      tell that to afghanistan... a country never attacked while Australian soldiers went in and fought against the people who never attacked. that are your values.

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer साल पहले +2748

    And meanwhile America is too busy arguing about how many genders there are. What a stupid distraction.

    • Steve Buffinton
      Steve Buffinton 10 महीने पहले

      @pisstakecentral high praise, thank you very much.

    • pisstakecentral
      pisstakecentral 10 महीने पहले

      @billy elliot you are so correct. Most outside of america are fascinated by how animated and movie like their media is..

    • pisstakecentral
      pisstakecentral 10 महीने पहले +1

      @Steve Buffinton feels good to know men like you exist, brother.

    • Menrad Mwaliko
      Menrad Mwaliko साल पहले

      @Johnny Fourskin you are sick please go get some professional help.

    • Naif Masukat
      Naif Masukat साल पहले

      Let's pray for our world to be a safe, and may lived in peace. One day. Ameen.

  • AtL_ eAsTwOoD
    AtL_ eAsTwOoD साल पहले +2578

    Imagine being American and needing to come to Australia for journalism

    • Kenneth Young
      Kenneth Young 10 महीने पहले

      How about a Canadian and need to get the news from Australia about Canada and the US.

    • AtL_ eAsTwOoD
      AtL_ eAsTwOoD साल पहले

      @dickbutt incorrect. Our enemies are domestic. China and Russia need not but to set back and watch.

    • dickbutt
      dickbutt साल पहले

      @AtL_ eAsTwOoD Russia aren't our enemy anymore. It's China

    • AtL_ eAsTwOoD
      AtL_ eAsTwOoD साल पहले

      @Right Hand that was Nixon though. Is that still relevant today?. Haven't read it

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  • Maria
    Maria साल पहले +548

    Finally found a news station with ACTUAL journalism. Even in the UK, it's utter crap.

    • Maria
      Maria साल पहले

      @Molly Seok Oon Png Doesn't surprise me

    • Maria
      Maria साल पहले

      @Todd Whatever you say

    • Maria
      Maria साल पहले

      @Sl1m yeah yeah and what is actual news? I don't think such a thing even exists anymore. At least I feel a lot more informed than I do in the UK with our news. Dives deeper into issues. I can watch it with an open mind and I don't form opinions based on what I am told, but at least I can form opinions.

    • Maria
      Maria साल पहले

      @Thomas Raven Yeah you're right but the Sky news here is very different to the AU Sky, huge difference in stories and the way they go about them

  • Un sane
    Un sane साल पहले +278

    I really pray for this woman and hope she’s ok.

    • Johnathan Varga
      Johnathan Varga साल पहले

      She's not okay.

    • A good fried egg
      A good fried egg साल पहले

      @Fructose Cornsyrup Such as what? Is it the likes of tweeting a cgi picture depicting the atrocities of child killing in Afganistan? Or Violence against women and silencing on rape claims by senior government official or racial prejudice on the street against Asian people. Or selling minced horse meat to Europe but package it as beef? Or is it the one where the Chinese government sold out on Julian Assange for revealing the inhumane war crime conducted by some beacon of Democracy nation and subsequently his lapdog were ordered to keep quiet but go work hard instead to bark and bite at the hands that feed the dog? Sorry, not sure which one are you talking about.

    • Fructose Cornsyrup
      Fructose Cornsyrup साल पहले +3

      @A good fried egg ...I doubt it's much of a smear campaign. One of my friends, a coworker and Chinese immigrant _from China,_ basically confirmed just about 90% of the shitty stuff I'd already heard about their government. China doesn't need anyone to smear it because its already smeared itself.

    • A good fried egg
      A good fried egg साल पहले

      @Fructose Cornsyrup Absolutely! Despite Ideas can be change by the ruling class via the manipulation of all forms of media. This news channel here is a classic example and they work across their International network and launches asymmetrical smear campaign to contain China by mis-guiding public opinion.

    • Fructose Cornsyrup
      Fructose Cornsyrup साल पहले

      @A good fried egg Is this just a nice hunch of yours?

  • PayDay Boxing
    PayDay Boxing साल पहले +397

    They’re not calling her a liar... they say she’s leaking secrets which implies whatever she’s saying is true 🤔

    • OhDan Nyboy
      OhDan Nyboy साल पहले +2

      It's just sad as she clearly had no access to any info of any major import

    • me you
      me you साल पहले +2

      You unfolded that with insight

    • Sammy Doggs
      Sammy Doggs साल पहले

      Pay Boxing, your comment really make s sense...good point.

    • Ann Wolf
      Ann Wolf साल पहले +2


    WHYMELORD साल पहले +6656

    There needs to be a GLOBAL BOYCOTT of Chinese goods down to toothpicks.

    • Harry Dunn
      Harry Dunn साल पहले

      You obviously have financial security
      Why don't you auction off everything in your work or home at seriously low prices that's made in China
      Lead by example

    • Tenna Jones
      Tenna Jones साल पहले

      Wondering if that's all and only place they buying from every where u look it says, made in China

    • jsea321
      jsea321 साल पहले

      @kraison buasri I'm not chinese at all actually I'm living in France. I am not even Asian.i don't praise China at all cuz they are as animalistic as Americans (talking about the governments more than people. People are brainwashed). I have family that lived under ssrs regime so they know it sucked to live under communism. Some of my family died. But I'm saying that there is no point to boycott because you will hurt people. Not government officials. And btw, chinese stuff is cheaper. Why would I pay more for some crap from us. Look. I'm not attacking ppl (though I did come across as if I did) sorry. But I think that attacking China is not smart just cuz they hurt their own ppl. I think Americans do the same with blm (blown up stores etc... ) just a couple of examples. Fact is I'll continue buying chinese stuff cuz it's cheap and it won't hurt to support their oppressed people. But of course the government is messed up

    • jsea321
      jsea321 साल पहले

      @kraison buasri I'll boycott everything from the us because of how many wars they create, chinese at least are not fighting with others for their natural resources

    • jsea321
      jsea321 साल पहले

      @Fred Mudge it’s not international concern. Because my culture is different from yours and what you think is okay in your culture is not okay in mine and vice versa. So no, keep away from other countries business

  • S.S
    S.S साल पहले +373

    I’ve never seen a news channel this ballsy. Respect.

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले +1

      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

    • Sarah Morris
      Sarah Morris साल पहले

      If only other countries told the truth....#MSMliars #Governmentcorruption #Deepstate #Elitepaedophiles #Globalterrorism #NWG #HumanTrafficking #MurderbyLockdown #Nomorelies #WakeupWorld We are being attacked globally 💟🙏🇬🇧🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇮🌏🙏👏👏👏👏

    • NADiM OViTCH
      NADiM OViTCH साल पहले

      Team Murdoch?

    • sigint99
      sigint99 साल पहले +2

      If Sky News had real balls its paid mouthpieces would reveal the shocking truth about vaccines and how our debt-based financial system really works.

    • 🅱️ased Onii-Chan
      🅱️ased Onii-Chan साल पहले +9

      you haven’t been watching news then. You’d be amazed by how “stunning and brave” mainstream media is when it’s burying the epstein story for 3 years like ABC did or deliberately ignoring the evidence of election fraud. It takes a news channel with balls to ask the real, deep-cutting questions like “how much would you bet these chumps will buy it if we call these riots violent but mostly peaceful protests?” That’s the kind of journalism that you should be watching.

  • Unknown Known
    Unknown Known साल पहले +518

    I’m glad that Australian people are talking about this because they certainly aren’t talking about it here in Scotland

    • rgsmith71
      rgsmith71 साल पहले

      @SuperTramp stop drinking soy lattes for breakfast and start doing pushups instead. You'll be out of that bra before you know it.

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले +1

      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

    • Kyle Duffy
      Kyle Duffy साल पहले +1

      @Riley D the murdoch press working its magic

  • Conner
    Conner साल पहले +716

    I wondered why Australia was getting bullied by media n google. Australia got balls for this

    • J S
      J S साल पहले

      Why do you think the world dislikes Russia

    • Mary Camerota
      Mary Camerota साल पहले

      Because Trump was going to run his channel through Australia, I think.They are not foolish people.

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले +1

      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

    • Keizer
      Keizer साल पहले +1

      @Far Fetched they really are respect for all the aussies

  • kindredspirit666
    kindredspirit666 साल पहले +1100

    And american news wants to talk about what celebrities are wearing, or other random non sense

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले

      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

    • Sena Opoku
      Sena Opoku साल पहले

      I love Australian news

    • Greg Flores
      Greg Flores साल पहले +1

      @Darth Vacation True dat!

  • Jeff Stewart
    Jeff Stewart साल पहले +418

    I love how Australia stands up for itself against China and isn't intimidated by them. Much love from the USA!

    • pmaint1
      pmaint1 साल पहले

      @AltoAnimal I didn't say we the people allowed this guy in the Whitehouse.

    • pmaint1
      pmaint1 साल पहले

      @Mark B Don't give china any ideas.

    • Chance Adomeit
      Chance Adomeit साल पहले

      @ARTOFMUSIC yeah I know. What did you think I meant? Lol

    • Yahweh is God and Yeshua is King..i am renee
      Yahweh is God and Yeshua is King..i am renee साल पहले

      @Brianne C so are us americans...we all need to fix our governments and kick out the demon possessed loonies
      i pray that Jesus Christ will come back soon

    • Helen Lomas
      Helen Lomas साल पहले

      Any thoughts on Julian Assange?

  • esnips123123
    esnips123123 साल पहले +11

    "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize". - Voltaire
    Because of their actions, they killed millions worldwide and have not faced any consequences.

  • John Doe
    John Doe साल पहले +18

    I love this man, I love Australia. Love from the UK, PRAY FOR THE WORLD, THIS IS A TRAGIC TIME WE LIVE IN.

  • Max McCann
    Max McCann साल पहले +97

    I love how real sky news Australia is, just saying it how it is

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले +1

      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

  • Axl Despaw
    Axl Despaw साल पहले +20

    3:15 *Gave me cold should all feel the same..wake up people before it’s too late.*

  • The Redeemed
    The Redeemed साल पहले +1672

    Who else feels like their living in the prologue of a dystopian novel?

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले

      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

    • Deidre Montrose
      Deidre Montrose साल पहले

      A novel? No, its All in the Bible.

    • Ya boi, Alpha+ Psi-Krieger
      Ya boi, Alpha+ Psi-Krieger साल पहले

      That is actually what i'm thinking.. wow.

    • JackTheRipper x
      JackTheRipper x साल पहले


    • hehejeha
      hehejeha साल पहले

      @Federalist Papers yeah but situation like this have happened in history yet nothing is happened when "Armageddon" is near yet this stuff has happened before its going to make people not believe the bible

  • TrudoJo
    TrudoJo साल पहले +233

    By charging her with what they did, they are basically admitting she is right. otherwise she couldnt be a spy

    • hainley simpson
      hainley simpson साल पहले

      @Raiha Marsden What reset. You realize it's mostly developed nation's getting fucked? Small nations that still remember how to live off of the land and can now use modern techniques, technology and methods to take care of themselves.

      CALI CHICA साल पहले +1

      You're right🤐

    • Reed Redline
      Reed Redline साल पहले +13

      Especially by saying "charging her with spreading secrets." So they're admitting it was a secret. They didn't charge her with spreading false information.

  • Samual Johnson
    Samual Johnson साल पहले +9

    Im an American army veteran and had no idea this was happening. Its heartbreaking and infuriating. My prayers go out to the victims of China and I wish I knew how to help more properly.

    • Samual Johnson
      Samual Johnson साल पहले

      @Les Meszaros I don't know about that. Hopefully not. But I do hope we can all learn to coexist. Before its to late.

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले +2

      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

  • Isaac Einstein
    Isaac Einstein साल पहले +658

    Im here from America for non bias news of my own country.

    • william baker
      william baker साल पहले

      @opium the two are one and the same anymore, at least compared to ANY left leaning news source. The government takeover of MSM in the US is complete, with the stolen 2020 election.

    • I am a loaf of Bread
      I am a loaf of Bread साल पहले

      @opium yeah, that's why I don't take anyone who comments on bias sources seriously.

    • I am a loaf of Bread
      I am a loaf of Bread साल पहले

      If you need to announce it then clearly you are looking for it...

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले

      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

    • xyira777
      xyira777 साल पहले

      Me too

  • annastajaa
    annastajaa साल पहले +49

    I hate when people get detained in a country that's not their own. Everything about that is suspicious. I just hope she's ok and comes back in one piece.

    • Josh Gore
      Josh Gore साल पहले

      She'll be fine, unlike the rest of us when China attacks, the war will be in America

    • kareema
      kareema साल पहले

      yup the kids in ICE

    • Maliki Algerian Kabyle Swag
      Maliki Algerian Kabyle Swag साल पहले

      China is great tbh they're smart and they're doing their thing.. Australia is just Americas client state so obviously we're gonna get some of this propaganda

    • Honto Muni
      Honto Muni साल पहले +1

      Well but the same happens to Huaweo CEO in Canada. Canada is a joke

  • Cathy Burns
    Cathy Burns साल पहले +290

    Prayers from U.S. for Ms. Cheng and her family as well as all of Australia. This world is crazy. God help us all.

    • Geoculus
      Geoculus साल पहले +1

      @phantom walker It's a combination usually. God wants us to act, but He does help us do it.

    • Georgios 18
      Georgios 18 साल पहले +1

      @phantom walker stop making up things

    • phantom walker
      phantom walker साल पहले +4

      god wont help you,you have to do it. 2 things in this world that stifle human advancement,,religion,& gov control. all gov,s..

    • Charles dominic
      Charles dominic साल पहले +3

      Hi, good comment, I am John I would like to chart with you in private if you don’t mind? Please

    • Jean Smith
      Jean Smith साल पहले +3

      Check out Yosemite Prepper on INclips. He has prepping videos (I’m a fan)

  • Billy
    Billy साल पहले +601

    American "news" outlets are just entertainment and drama shows now days.

    • Darth Vacation
      Darth Vacation साल पहले

      Western msm is poison for the mind

      ONE SPAWN ONLY साल पहले +1

      It's actually propaganda.
      Conspiring with other stations.

    • Sean Mtak
      Sean Mtak साल पहले

      It really is. Shepard smith was just showing random Twitter comments yesterday.

    • twas brillig
      twas brillig साल पहले


    • Tom
      Tom साल पहले

      It's just straight up propaganda.

  • George Gilbert
    George Gilbert साल पहले +20

    I love the Australian news, keep it up! From the UK🇬🇧🇦🇺

    • Michelle Murray
      Michelle Murray साल पहले +1

      Me too. They tell it like it is. Refreshing honesty. 👍🏻

  • Meagen Bradford
    Meagen Bradford साल पहले +378

    Who else from the UK comes to watch Sky News AU because their own doesn’t show us what’s actually going on in the world 🙄

    • Ruben Verheij
      Ruben Verheij साल पहले

      I'm from NL. Dutch
      mainstream media
      is talking about stuff,
      but not about stuff
      what this channel
      is talking about.

    • Jeff Dubb U
      Jeff Dubb U साल पहले

      From the us and yea same here cant get factual news either

    • George Wang
      George Wang साल पहले

      welcome to live in Australia

    • S j.
      S j. साल पहले

      @RAGS NORTH ignorance maybe bliss but it’s very very stupid!..

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले

      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

  • OhDan Nyboy
    OhDan Nyboy साल पहले +4

    Thank you, Sky News Australia! For maintaining intergrity in a time when the world is being bullied relentlessly by Chinese Communist Party

  • KlumsyK
    KlumsyK साल पहले +34

    Stay strong, Australia.

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella साल पहले +132

    as an american i am hearing this from an australian news source

    • Rajashekar B
      Rajashekar B साल पहले +4

      😂😂😂 this reply section 😂😂😂 for all you know that cutie face could be a fake or Photoshop or even better man or trans 😂😂😂

    • Sany Nava
      Sany Nava साल पहले +2

      @Vinny Z ... Lol....get a life

  • eileen mc cabe
    eileen mc cabe साल पहले +21

    I am shocked that I am only hearing this now
    Thank you Australia .

  • Noah Matthew
    Noah Matthew साल पहले +201

    In the history books they will say other countries had no idea about these camps

    • Rex Luminus
      Rex Luminus साल पहले +2

      @Eddie_Coyote On 80% of the surfice of the earth is a camp.

    • Ciarán Taaffe
      Ciarán Taaffe साल पहले +3

      @Eddie_Coyote that's the present

    • Jamal Khan
      Jamal Khan साल पहले +3


  • Dan Oco
    Dan Oco साल पहले +3622


  • Ron Turner
    Ron Turner साल पहले +2

    Thank you Australia for reporting the news! Honestly and with integrity. Good example for our lame stream media. Who have sold out to a socialist Party.

  • Diana B.
    Diana B. साल पहले +97

    I don't know why people are saying sky news is a joke, this was a very bold and honest presentation of the situation in China. Diplomatic but unsparing.

    • Diana B.
      Diana B. साल पहले

      @Billy Mandalay Ah, I see. Yes, I noticed recently Sky News Australia is good, the others not so much. 😬

    • Billy Mandalay
      Billy Mandalay साल पहले +2

      Only Australia Sky News. Careful which one you watch.

    • Diana B.
      Diana B. साल पहले +4

      @Danny Van der walt I swear we're in full-on ideological war since the past few years... 😳😑 (in some parts of the world)

    • Danny Van der walt
      Danny Van der walt साल पहले +2

      I guess news agency's are also at war😂

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    Checking in from Texas, thanks for the real news guys!

    • Nickos C
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      Sky Australia is amazing
      The rest of our media is as fked up as US msm

  • John Doe
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    Imagine all the other helpless souls. This is sad. 🥺

  • Bud McKinney
    Bud McKinney साल पहले +4

    We have enough “nonsense and bulldust” to sift through in our own nation-States without being told who not to respect. I was told to respect everyone because you only have to disrespect "ONE" not "everyone" for the world to consider you a disrespectful person.
    Blessings, respect, and love to all without prejudice.

  • Marcia Uter
    Marcia Uter साल पहले +7

    😢my heart goes out to them let us all pray 🙏

  • Jonalan Lim
    Jonalan Lim साल पहले +2

    “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the MASSES.”
    ― Malcolm X

  • ISTP
    ISTP साल पहले +17

    Thank you so much for reporting ACTUAL news, Australia. And God bless 🙏

    • Dylan Rafala
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    • me you
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      The truth sets you free, knowledge is power

  • Damian Leavitt
    Damian Leavitt साल पहले +28

    I am glad that you're calling the Chinese govt out theres alot of Changes that need to be made

    GAMES FC साल पहले +2

    Man I love it we finally have some real news coming from the media for a change.

  • 陈先生
    陈先生 साल पहले +110

    As a Chinese, I want to say when I was a child,I went to fair with my mum.As a child,delicious snacks always the most attractive ones.I asked my mum to buy some dry grape (a snack).She just dragged me away from the booth.But at that time,the vender tucked a hand of dry grape in my hand.He is a uygur.I always remember how kind he was.

    • 0 1
      0 1 साल पहले +4

      now go thank him in the camp

    • T T
      T T साल पहले +4

      Ahh so this is a story about how cruel your mother is?

    • 陈先生
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      @Jacob Cooper Thanks

    • Danny
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      @Jacob Cooper 😂

    • Jacob Cooper
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      Dry grape = raisin

  • RuledSpiral
    RuledSpiral साल पहले +77

    That country is just getting more and more aggressive, we should hold them accountable for their bad behavior!

    • hainley simpson
      hainley simpson साल पहले

      Iam Notevenanumber So their doing exactly what the US did for years start wars and make trouble.

    • Paradoz
      Paradoz साल पहले +3

      But if people keep turning a blind eye on them because of "muh money" it's gonna be too late.
      We're close to the endgame now. All they need is a little push.

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans साल पहले +1

      @doger944 all ripe for the taking... no more USA intervention, China is clear - they will do what they want.

    • doger944
      doger944 साल पहले +4

      @SeaJay Oceans Australia and New Zealand both have something China has never had; friends.
      Not debtors, not vassals, friends.
      China will tear itself up from the inside when there actions against the Uyghur, the Hongkongese, the Tibetans, and the Mongols are repaid to them in full.
      They are all just waiting for a chance that a global conflict will give them.

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans साल पहले +1

      Australia wouldn't last 2 weeks against China - face reality - CCP would take New Zealand and Australia, then go home for dinner... you have no military, no defenses, no will to fight since your politicians are in the pockets of the communists.

  • साल पहले +364

    Good for you guys having the balls to speak the truth. the US needs news sources like you. Great stuff.

    • Hammurhed Sherk
      Hammurhed Sherk साल पहले +11

      Nah, the US has Lebron James saying to respect the Chinese Communist Party. They also have Lady Gaga worshiping China, and our Movies have been taken over by China as well. Look at the Avengers Marvel movies, why is there a need to put China in there?

  • Ace Da Game
    Ace Da Game साल पहले +3

    Here from America, you guys are doing a great job presenting the truth! 💯

  • TRIPPYfizzy 99
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    Thank you sky news Australia for bringing this issue to light
    Coz most media just shut down this china issues

  • Zephyr Satori
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    Damn, so this is why FB censored Aussie News

  • Franky Swanky
    Franky Swanky साल पहले +4

    "All it takes for Evil to succeed,is for good men to do nothing"

  • Deano Casso
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    Well done sky news for having the courage to report on this.

    • 123Logic
      123Logic साल पहले +1

      @Elaine Brownbridge News Ltd doesn't own Sky News UK. Sky News UK is owned by Comcast.

    • jedaaa
      jedaaa साल पहले

      @Fullmetal25 not sure that's got anything to do with what I said?

    • Fullmetal25
      Fullmetal25 साल पहले

      @jedaaa sig sauer sold weapons to India, if China make a move they would need help.

    • Stephen Hay
      Stephen Hay साल पहले

      @Jon Murray reducing it to its logical conclusion if any one perons opinion and lets be real thats all it is people's opinions. Then no one view is any more valid than anyone else's. So to answer your question sky news UK is giving airtime to everybody and anybody with an opinion not even anything useful to contribute to the conversation, just echo chamber after echo chamber telling us that orange man bad white man bad and neglecting every other bias view ouf if the narrative. Hope ive elaborated enough to explain "MY" opinion, but not so much as to make it convoluted.

  • Alex
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    Thankyou Australia for telling the world how it is, it fits with your culture. Good stuff.

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    The long term are doing well while the short term trade requires precision in its execution but gosh, they do amazing when you're on the right side

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      I am now a creditor not debtor anymore

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      I used to take loan from the bank for survive before but after trading with Mrs Bambi she changed my financial for good

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      As much thrilled to see her other investors. She is a very sincere woman who understand the challenge faced by beginner, I started bitcoin under her guidance after seeing her interview with CNBC. She doesn't request for any charges to teach investors on how to trade and generate profits for themselves

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      I get paid directly to my bank account or your bitcoin wallet

  • Rudy V
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    As an American I’m extremely intrigued with this topic this makes me think of Otto Warmbier and it makes me sick to my stomach!
    China is not outside if any jurisdiction when it comes down to humanity

  • Jay Aeecee
    Jay Aeecee साल पहले +6

    My friend sold his mountain cabin to a Christian pastor. He was working in china and had to get his family and leave. The Chinese gov. is paying people to turn in Christians. They are going around on the weekends and listening for Singing, praying, and preaching. They are arresting them and taking them to camps.

  • Todd Gavin
    Todd Gavin साल पहले +1860

    Sad that we Americans have to go to our Aussie friends for some real news.Thank you.I never said which Aussie news .Japanese news is a little more transparent.

    • Jack Burmingham
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      @Jesus Saves Really? Just blame the devil and throw your hands in the air?

    • Jack Burmingham
      Jack Burmingham साल पहले

      Somebody do the research and see if this news outlet is owned by the fish eggs.

    • Jack Burmingham
      Jack Burmingham साल पहले

      All the real news was banned from INclips for being racist, sexist, or homophobic. Rape isnt rape if a brown or yellow boy does it. If white people were considerate and not so racist every problem would be solved including all the other races racism. And I bet there is an asshole who watched this and thought that the Australian journalist were racist for covering this story because how dare you criticize a society that is not white!

    • Belinda
      Belinda साल पहले

      Much love ❤️

  • cameo calloway
    cameo calloway साल पहले +1

    There's a certain amount of doublethink that allows someone to know that china is not the enemy of freedom but also has reeducation camps for religious groups

  • Nathan W
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    If I had a dollar for everyone that’s saying I’m an American I’d be one rich American

    • J C
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      No you wouldn’t because it would be taxed

    • OOGS
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      I’m a yankee and...

  • K_Nasty FPV
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    I'm in the USA and this makes me feel like we shoukd stick up for these country is being a bitch .

    • Johnathan Varga
      Johnathan Varga साल पहले

      @Beetle Juice If it meant saving human beings from torture in a corrupt country. My/our cushy lives can be disturbed for the better of others.

    • Beetle Juice
      Beetle Juice साल पहले +1

      Are you willing to loose your entire family and everyone you know and your way of life for this? If we go to war with China then that is a real possibility.

  • Reapers' Cemetery
    Reapers' Cemetery साल पहले +190

    Even the arab news outlets are not giving this much attention to these kinda topics... The world is really burning...

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले

      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

    • Sebastian Demel
      Sebastian Demel साल पहले

      Arab countries, lime Iran, are getting money from daddy China. Which is sad, since they put money, before basically their own people.

    • hainley simpson
      hainley simpson साल पहले

      Not burning you're just awakening to reality.

    • AverseKO
      AverseKO साल पहले

      @Damn Son we do but no one listens, that the problem

  • Angela Lee
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    The media in America should also be held accountable for what they have done.

  • Shorif Uddin
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    Respect to this channel for actually showing us actual news.

  • Chancing Productions
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    Can we please hold China accountable?
    Idk what we can do to really stop them but we have to do something

  • Gary Yung
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    This is real news , all genuine, professional journalism, I salute you guys!

  • Sean Mtak
    Sean Mtak साल पहले +5

    In a recent town hall Joe Biden referred to Uyghur camps as different “culture norms”.
    “I point out to him no American president can be sustained as a president, if he doesn’t reflect the values of the United States,” the US president continued. “And so the idea that I am not going to speak out against what he’s doing in Hong Kong, what he’s doing with the Uighurs in western mountains of China and Taiwan - trying to end the one China policy by making it forceful … [Xi] gets it. Culturally there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow,”

  • Patches
    Patches साल पहले +494

    I have mad respect for the Australian people, very blunt, and tells things like they are

    • C Maj
      C Maj साल पहले

      @Dave Walker since when does loving Trump mean racist? That is only American leftist news media propaganda. The BLM protests were actually seeded. Not all, but enough. Blacked out SUV's showing up on the scene and handing people baseball bats. Really? Just like Rockefeller admitted started riots in the streets in 1970's. So much is going on that is beyond anyone's comprehension and has been going on for a very long time. I encourage you to look for alternative news media.

    • Dave Walker
      Dave Walker साल पहले

      @I Am , I Said i have zero media knowledge of Australia. It's all 1st hand info, fact

    • Dave Walker
      Dave Walker साल पहले

      @I Am , I Said Mexicans... the wall....

    • I Am , I Said
      I Am , I Said साल पहले +2

      @Dave Walker 1) Trump isn't racist, but please share any examples you have. 2) Australians love a larrikin, someone who speaks their mind and is an outsider, so sometimes we found Trump amusing, interesting and valuable. We also can see he's a buffoon, sometimes unhinged and not ideal. 3) our conservative party is far closer to the Democrats than the GOP. your "common knowledge" is coming from media brainwashing, not direct experience.

    • I Am , I Said
      I Am , I Said साल पहले

      @Antoine Charles de Gaulle all of the rest, the ABC is perhaps the worst. parroting CNN and NYT.

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson साल पहले +5

    "There is no future, fuck hope!" - George Carlin

  • Mitchell Ramage
    Mitchell Ramage साल पहले +1

    I find it nice to watch news from other democratic countrys other then just the US to get a more honest view of the world

  • Franklin Bradley
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    The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary

    • Naif Masukat
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      These comments are very suspicious to me. I assume these aren't real people, these are just bots. Talking about success in life, Haha.

    • Mark Johnson
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      Don't wait ontill you have it all before you can invest. Note: time waits for no body.

    • Mark Johnson
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      And I think the better day has finally come. Invest on forex trading today and regain your balance.

    • Mark Johnson
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      If you feel like you are losing everything! Remember that trees lose their leaves every year and they still stand tall and wait for better days to come.

  • Spiderman David Chick
    Spiderman David Chick साल पहले +1

    Share to as many as you can, and tell them to do the same brothers and sisters around the world. Otherwise, it'll be curtains for us, our children, and humanity because of the sinister cult 'elites'.
    Stay strong, we must fight to the death. Love, respect, freedom, and power to the people from us awake in the UK

  • Bob Lee
    Bob Lee साल पहले +8

    I would use her story as a warning to all others to avoid travelling to China. They are holding a lot of power.

  • Mary JK RainsCloud
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    Thank you, brave reporters. The world needs more like you.

  • Cheyenne Tiera
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    Heartbreaking 💔💔💔

  • Janet Goldring
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    Kudos for excellent reporting! Thank you for reporting true news!

  • 222ableVelo
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    It's refreshing to see some real news from outside the U.S. Stay strong Australia. I hope this woman can get some real justice and be brought back home to her family.

    • Blue
      Blue साल पहले +1

      @Vincent Commisso "your American" "dont beleive me" "cool story bro" Learn to spell and learn some new phrases. Cool story bro is late 2000s. Dead meme.

    • Vincent Commisso
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      @Blue ive given you the reality.. Your American you dont beleive me.. Suit yourself lol

    • Blue
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      @Vincent Commisso 95% is a story. So cool story bro yourself 😎

    JOSEPH POWER साल पहले +1

    Be seated
    Be understood
    Be clarified
    No misunderstanding 😭😭

  • Illuminated Reality
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    As an American... I have been catching myself applauding and watching Australian news

  • J K
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    Sometimes it takes those who've been Damned by Lucifer/The Devil/The Dark Lord whatever you want to call it to do what needs to be done to go against the Demons of this World!!

  • Chungus
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    China needs to go. They’ve had it too good for too long

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G साल पहले +2422

    And in America all we are hearing about is the Trump impeachment 🤷🏼‍♀️ as if it’s the only thing that exists

    • Anika Elizabeth
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      @kraison buasri Demoncrats

    • Anika Elizabeth
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      While China takes over.

    • Les Meszaros
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      we are in this together mate......if we don't stand together and fight this war we will not come out of it happy.......WWlll is here

    • Anika Elizabeth
      Anika Elizabeth साल पहले

      @sagrammyfour Firsr thing Biden did was go to Africa and spread LGBTQ, with our tax dollars.

  • Emily W.
    Emily W. साल पहले +1

    Carefully carefully. We aren't dealing with sane, rational and compassionate people. Compliance, conformity, and unfaltering loyalty at any cost, delivered with hearts of steel. Our hands are tied, lest we have to deal with the backlash 🤨

  • Emmett Bicondova
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    This makes me so sick sending prayers for all those affected 😭 shame on America for not breaking this news to us 😞 heave to get it from BBC

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy साल पहले

    Could you imagine people not acknowledging the media when they tell us to be worried? Are you telling or forcing is the question a lot of people ask. Can you be trusted or can you not be trusted are all questions asked before belief in anything.

  • Tristan Mueller
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    Well done Sky news Australia. 🙏

  • Reveri Maldonado
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  • koen Armstrong
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    “Just assume the worst is being done”
    Oh yes this is very reliable news. I trust your opinion very much

    • Les Meszaros
      Les Meszaros साल पहले +1

      What part of "this is too gross to play now" are you having trouble you need someone to give you a hand in understanding that

    • DCJ
      DCJ साल पहले

      @Trey Harmon I would reflect the sentiment to you also. A better world awaits if we fight for it.

    • Trey Harmon
      Trey Harmon साल पहले +1

      @DCJ Youre a poor misguided Soul

    • DCJ
      DCJ साल पहले

      @Trey Harmon for both nations to prosper most definitely. American dominated affairs have hurt the planet and the people in it and america must change so it doesn't collapse in on itself.

  • Jewels D
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    Thank you for being a real news source...

  • GodSpeed
    GodSpeed साल पहले

    I was scared they were going ban anime merch or something. That's where they make it all. But this is really bad too no doubt. Hope all goes well for this lady. We definitely take for granted how blessed we are in 1st world countries.

  • Jacob Alley
    Jacob Alley साल पहले +120

    “They’re not bad folks, folks.”
    -Joe Biden

    • Angel Cabrera
      Angel Cabrera साल पहले

      Weakest Prez for the ppl and the most wicked prez against the ppl

    • VLOREN
      VLOREN साल पहले +2

      Biden signs without reading what he’s signing, if anything Biden is a bigger joke

    • Fear God
      Fear God साल पहले

      @VLOREN the difference is in the way the leaders handle the crisis. The truth shall set you free! You tell the people the truth, you don’t have them sign NDAs at NO MASK rallies and lie to the American people. There is NO excuse.

    • VLOREN
      VLOREN साल पहले +3

      @Fear God please tag the video please? Because Ebola wasn’t Obama’s fault, COVID could’ve happend during any President

  • Martin Epstein
    Martin Epstein साल पहले +1

    When China oversteps the mark over human rights we must all make a stand

  • MulaGang Squeegi
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    the way he said she made herself an easy target is kind of unsettling...

    • MulaGang Squeegi
      MulaGang Squeegi साल पहले +1

      @Mark B bro* lol but shit our government isn't innocent either

  • CarJohn
    CarJohn साल पहले +1

    This is exactly what Stalin did. It is so scary and so sad that this kind of thing is happening all over the world. It is so disheartening to watch history repeat itself.

  • Peter Fisher1010
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    A bully doesn't stop & think until they get a black eye.

    • Debra Jessen
      Debra Jessen साल पहले

      @indria drayton You are welcome Indria😊🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🙏🏿

    • Debra Jessen
      Debra Jessen साल पहले

      @Khanage666 Satan is the murderer - John 8:44. He has fooled people into believing they can rebel against The Creator and get away with it, just as he did with Adam and Eve.
      Right now the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one, Satan himself - 1 John 5:19. Those who trust Jehovah God and His Son Jesus Christ will wait until God’s Kingdom takes over rulership of the world - Daniel 2:44 ; 7:13, 14. Because nothing that happens to them in this world can cause permanent damage. Romans 8:31, 32 & 35-39 says - `If God is with us, who will be against us? Since he did not even spare his own Son but handed him over for us all, will he not also kindly give us all other things? Who will seperate us from the love of Christ? Will tribulation or distress or persecution or hunger or nakedness or danger or sword? Just as it is written: “For your sake we are being put to death all day long; we have been accounted as sheep for slaughtering.” On the contrary, in all these things we are coming off completely victorious through the one who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life nor angels nor governments nor things now here nor things to come nor powers nor height nor depth nor any other creation will be able to seperate us from God’s love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.’😊🙏🏿🙏🙏🏾🙏🏽

    • What Seek Ye
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      Don't mind me, just here before 500 replies.

  • Missy V
    Missy V साल पहले +1

    In the U.S., as an industrialized country we rank last in worker rights when it comes to pay rate vacation pay, maternity leave, among a few low quality life quality measures other countries maintain. Our infrastructure crumbling with a D- rating, no universal healthcare like all the other industrialized countries. That alone is extremely draconian especially in a pandemic and barely foid monies for emergency aid for only a portion of the people in our country, never mind the highest incarceration numbers in the world. *But we're being rallied now to believe our govt suddenly cares about Chinese citizenry rights??*
    It's propoganda to get people to go along with warring and sanction policy against China so shareholders, corporate contractors and weaponry manufacterers can rake in record profits. Sadly that's *the simple truth.*

    • Tj Roe
      Tj Roe साल पहले

      That was sad. It was not simple and had very little truth.

  • Nikita Van Zyl
    Nikita Van Zyl साल पहले +60

    Omg.... wtf... 😱 is no one gonna talk about the part where she said... "handcuffed"...

    • Iam Notevenanumber
      Iam Notevenanumber साल पहले +2

      Yes! They're treating muslims just as bad as we do now. wtf!

    • BT A
      BT A साल पहले +10

      So that's the bad part for you?
      "they didn't spare any part of my body" even if they weren't handcuffed they couldn't save them selves

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml साल पहले +1

    Sad that we Americans have to go to our Aussie friends for real news.Thank you.

  • Melissa Dye
    Melissa Dye साल पहले +1

    I can't believe that I have to watch youtube to get actual news!! Instead of our government worrying about Trump they need to be worrying about this!! 😡

  • Cameron
    Cameron साल पहले +236

    I'm very concerned by the overwhelming amount of people I speak to that just don't care about anything outside of themselves. We are losing morals and ethics as a society everyday. Scary times ahead if we don't get a hold of this at some point

    • doreen jackson
      doreen jackson साल पहले

      Totally agree it should have been confronted years ago , but the rich had investment and of course they had to look after there own riches , now look what’s happening and still no one country , other than Donald Trump did any thing , and Biden is in bed with them along with his son , hope you are all ready . My heart goes out to the Chinese people , no one has helped them , because the the world was to busy helping them self , shame on you all , all from the back of these beautiful people

    • ??????
      ?????? साल पहले

      Some people dont like to deal with that sort of things. It would be best not to keep trying to talk to them about it if they already refused to speak of it.

    • Historic Reenacting
      Historic Reenacting साल पहले

      They will learn when its too late

    • -
      - साल पहले

      And when you point it out to them they don’t care or they deny it

    • Gustavo Torres
      Gustavo Torres साल पहले +1

      Normalizing sin is ruining our society