EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden's son emailed shop owner about hard drive to 'get it back': Former Trump chief

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  • 17/10/2020 को प्रकाशित
  • Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to President Donald Trump, has revealed Joe Biden's son emailed a shop owner who had his hard drive in an effort to get it back.
    The revelations come as the New York Post this week released an expose detailing links between Joe Biden and his son who was paid at least $50,000 a month to sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy company who allegedly set up a meeting with the then-Vice President.
    Information regarding Hunter Biden’s relationship with the Ukranian energy company was sourced from a collection of emails recovered from a laptop that was allegedly dropped off at a repair shop in 2019 and later given to the FBI.
    It was a water-damaged MacBook Pro and the person who dropped it off never paid for the service and didn't retrieve it or a hard drive on which its contents were stored - according to the shop owner who said he repeatedly tried to contact the customer.
    Sky News host Sharri Markson said the owner of the repair shop in Biden's home state of Delaware says when he did not hear back from the FBI, he made a copy of the hard drive and gave it to Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.
    Emails on the laptop revealed that Hunter Biden had planned to introduce his father - the then-Vice President - to an executive at Ukrainian energy company Burisma, a company where Hunter served on the board of directors.
    Publicly, Biden has said he's never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings. These emails seem to indicate otherwise.
    In one message sent by Vadym Pozharsky in April 2015, he wrote: "Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent (sic) some time together. It's realty (sic) an honour and pleasure."
    In response to this news, Facebook and Twitter both censored the article from the New York Post, advising they were "limiting the distribution" of the story on their platforms until a third-party contractor can "fact check" the article.
    Mr Bannon told Ms Markson, “Hunter Biden’s lawyer has come to us both with phone calls and with emails saying, ‘hey, I’ve got to get the hard drive back’.”
    “This is not some Russian intelligence operation; they admit it’s their hard drive,” Mr Bannon said.
    “We have the emails from the Lawyer, if we need to release them, we’ll release them.”

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  • Owen Thomson
    Owen Thomson साल पहले +93

    It’s reassuring to know that Australia is covering this ground breaking story more than the U.S , this is unsettling

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml साल पहले +190

    I love how Australia news actually dares to report the truth.

    • Dana Johnson
      Dana Johnson 5 महीने पहले

      They can't be sued for spreading lies.

    • Spanky Lloyd
      Spanky Lloyd 5 महीने पहले

      The truth will all come out God's word says that there is nothing hid that won't come to the light . Nothing!

    • Spanky Lloyd
      Spanky Lloyd 5 महीने पहले

      The truth will all come out . The bible says so . God said there is nothing hid that won't come to light . Nothing !

  • Michelle Fox
    Michelle Fox महीने पहले +974

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    • Lyam Yvette
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      It’s been a year now and I still receive good income weekly from Val, what a trade genius.

  • GT Johnson
    GT Johnson साल पहले +270

    U.S. media is a laughingstock.

    • James Dickens
      James Dickens 5 महीने पहले

      YEP - lots of stock in laughing at Wee Wee on the People

    • Rodrigo Arzaga
      Rodrigo Arzaga 6 महीने पहले

      The blame the media card is the new race card

  • MomanSLM
    MomanSLM साल पहले +339

    The FBI Director should not be fired in the Oval Office. He should be arrested in the Oval Office.

  • Bailey
    Bailey साल पहले +3233

    When Australians cover American news better than our news outlets. Thank you!

    • RiteWayDave
      RiteWayDave साल पहले

      @Pal VB Murdoch loves Trump! All billionaires do. It's serves there bottom line to have GOP in control! DUHHH!!!

    • RiteWayDave
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    • judy morgan
      judy morgan साल पहले +1

      I have to agree the Democrats made life for the Country and the victims, and President that they raked over the coals for four years unbearable. The sad part is they are becoming worse no one seems to pay for all the damage they have caused . Now we are to believe that Biden was elected by eighty million people!! they really think we are stupid.

  • wolfmanjacksaid
    wolfmanjacksaid साल पहले +104

    Big media and Big tech covered this up to protect Joe

  • strongfaith888
    strongfaith888 साल पहले +391

    This is how media should be like, presenting cold facts not personal political opinions.

    • Rodrigo Arzaga
      Rodrigo Arzaga 6 महीने पहले

      The blame the media card is the new race card

    • Geoff Pritchard
      Geoff Pritchard साल पहले

      @alex barboni Wow -- now there's a receipt when initially there wasn't one (per the half blind owner's interview). I bet Rudy and Bannon "found" the receipt the same way this just happens to break 2 weeks before Trump loses the election. That's out of your 2016 election playbook and we're not falling for it this time.

    • Geoff Pritchard
      Geoff Pritchard साल पहले

      @alex barboni Not proven true. That's just bull shit.

  • gf31415 gfrz
    gf31415 gfrz साल पहले +12

    THIS is how you conduct an interview! No bias, just query. Great work Sharri!

  • Orie Cipollaro
    Orie Cipollaro साल पहले +160

    She conveniently left out the fact that images of minors in sex acts are on the drive

    • Human Resources
      Human Resources साल पहले

      @Orie Cipollaro What did you say and post a link to it as proof.

    • Orie Cipollaro
      Orie Cipollaro साल पहले

      @Human Resources I believe it when I see a poll worker bring out a suitcase full of votes.

    • Human Resources
      Human Resources साल पहले

      @Orie Cipollaro Yeah - Trump supporters won't believe what they see.

    • Orie Cipollaro
      Orie Cipollaro साल पहले +1

      @Human Resources bullshit but nice try

  • W Don
    W Don साल पहले +101

    Thank you sky news Australia for your hard work for free world.

  • Gary Alves
    Gary Alves साल पहले +129

    why is this not on every media outlet in the US.

    • Joe in the bush
      Joe in the bush साल पहले

      Because big Mike's husband said don't talk about it...

    • arthur dolle
      arthur dolle साल पहले +1

      because it's it B.S.

    • E K
      E K साल पहले +7

      If you need to ask....

  • Steve
    Steve साल पहले +13

    When someone accuses you of something that you didn't do, you say "that's not true".
    When is Biden going to say that?

  • David Cohen
    David Cohen साल पहले +33

    Another great quote to recall in this time of insanity: “It is hard to
    imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by
    putting those decisions in the hands of Democrats who pay no price for
    being wrong.” -Thomas Sowell

  • ~FaithTakesUFar~
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    • david welch
      david welch 7 महीने पहले

      sounds like another republican truth..

  • iyke anyaegbunam
    iyke anyaegbunam साल पहले +210

    Is terrible to know that even in America that some people are above the law

    • Geoff Pritchard
      Geoff Pritchard साल पहले +1

      @paul wamsley When Trump "found out" Epstein was an abuser? That's why Donald hung out with him in the first place.

    • tony
      tony साल पहले

      @Geoff Pritchard inclips.net/video/8qqGPyDJmaE/वीडियो.html listen to what JB calls BO at 1.40 roughly..It so fake!!

    • tony
      tony साल पहले

      @Geoff Pritchard hey mate hope ya well its gonna be warm tmrw..Hey get the app calledPHOTO SHERLOCK its great for finding false items or people in pics..OK be safe

    • Geoff Pritchard
      Geoff Pritchard साल पहले +1

      @tony HAHAHAHA -- I saw that on The Onion too!

    • tony
      tony साल पहले

      @Kelly Gillies Ha whose laughing now.watch the carnage..

  • Kitty Berg
    Kitty Berg साल पहले +30

    Biden had a good example: Hillary!

  • Master Styl1
    Master Styl1 साल पहले +85

    Everything hidden in The dark will be brought to the light… Word

      NOMOREMARXISTS साल पहले

      Don’t ever count on that. We have to keep screaming until these Marxist conspirators and their helpers are locked away or dead.

    • Tall Cool One
      Tall Cool One साल पहले +1

      @Rob Barton 🙏.

    • Master Styl1
      Master Styl1 साल पहले +5

      @Rob Barton
      I am pretty sure God knows what I meant.. God is not into religion or legalism.. as we all true believers know “it’s about relationship with Jesus and knowing him” ..

    • Rob Barton
      Rob Barton साल पहले +6

      Yes! Not just ANY "word"...THE "Word". Scripture

  • adam false
    adam false साल पहले +70

    "The FBI didn't get back to him..."
    That's not very 'investigative'.

  • James Hu
    James Hu साल पहले +2425

    I don't want to see tax returns from millionaires who became politicians. I want to see tax returns from politicians who became millionaires!

  • Tommy Sands
    Tommy Sands साल पहले +168

    never thought i would see a media blackout in the USA

    • Alda Harrison
      Alda Harrison साल पहले


    • Jefferson50275
      Jefferson50275 साल पहले

      That's what they do in China with their "great firewall"

    • Terra812
      Terra812 साल पहले

      @Dr Franklin Goldstein Your puppet masters would be proud of you.

  • expsterm1
    expsterm1 साल पहले +292

    Australian media doing the reporting American media won't do.

    • D e
      D e साल पहले

      @Sandra Jones troll

    • D e
      D e साल पहले

      Well... I may have been trying to defend fox a week ago.
      What Now?

    • Sandra Jones
      Sandra Jones साल पहले

      @Stephen Matthews Did you know in another life I was Abigail Adams? And my great-great-great-great--great-great grandmother was Martha Washington?

    • Sandra Jones
      Sandra Jones साल पहले

      @Stephen Matthews Sorry, I don't do/ have Twitter. Are you saying Biden Tweeted something?

  • David Cohen
    David Cohen साल पहले +19

    What about Joe Biden's very tiny event in Pennsylvania earlier, a state where Biden
    called residents "chumps" and has pledged to ban fracking

  • Joshua Osborne
    Joshua Osborne साल पहले +256

    When Australia reports this bombshell three days before the US media.

    • Neil Cowan
      Neil Cowan साल पहले +1

      @Joshua Osborne Aahahahahahahaah! I'm the ignorant fool? LOOOOL

    • gestucv olonor
      gestucv olonor साल पहले +3

      before 😂😂😂 they won't ever report it

    • Herbsewell
      Herbsewell साल पहले +4

      @Teresa Faulkner Biden has 306 electoral votes, yes he is.

    • Teresa Faulkner
      Teresa Faulkner साल पहले +4

      @Herbsewell no hes not

  • Geeta Nair
    Geeta Nair साल पहले +176

    Thanks Sky. Australia for airing the truth. No other channel is carrying this news as it is. They are all talking about false news that it’s hacked etc. Thank you so much 😊🙏🏼

    • V. Lee
      V. Lee साल पहले +1

      Yes, American News keep talking about the virus to keep us distracted.

    • marizona
      marizona साल पहले +1

      It's unbelievable how they are treating in the supposedly free world

    • Jan Blackman
      Jan Blackman साल पहले +5

      Oan has been reporting on this since day one. Check it out

  • Daniel Mayo
    Daniel Mayo साल पहले +135

    🇦🇺 Australia....We the people in America LOVE YOU!

    • Daniel Mayo
      Daniel Mayo साल पहले

      @Susan McDonald dig deeper......their with us. WITH US.....IF YOU DON'T SUPPORT THAT, YOU ARE WELCOME OUT.

    • Susan McDonald
      Susan McDonald साल पहले +1

      @Dr Franklin Goldstein Brendon O'Connell's videos. It's R&L.

    • Susan McDonald
      Susan McDonald साल पहले +1

      Dig deeper. They have similar probs as we do. ISRAEL.
      Brendon O'Connell! Videos.

    • da shinobi
      da shinobi साल पहले

      @Dr Franklin Goldstein this news station is owned by fox. So it will be pro trump. So if you watch alot of fox news your mind will be influenced to trump's side

    • It’s just a cold sore
      It’s just a cold sore साल पहले +1

      @Dr Franklin Goldstein yea ok doc

    CARMEN LAMAIZON साल पहले +27

    the shop owner should watch his back now!! (don't want to see him ""suicided"" :)

  • Joe Ramos
    Joe Ramos साल पहले +115

    Why can't we get reporting like this in the US

    • Susan McDonald
      Susan McDonald साल पहले

      @Kenny dark2light hey bot, can u speak?

    • Susan McDonald
      Susan McDonald साल पहले

      Joe, another Aussie you'll like, BRENDON O'CONNELL, but Australia imprisoned him for hate speech & he's on the run, they're as compromised. Do see his channel & videos!
      it's infiltration. It's covert. It's gone on since WWII. it's a foreign nation.

    • Sean Goff
      Sean Goff साल पहले

      Waa thinking that same thing

    • Sandra Lee Larsen
      Sandra Lee Larsen साल पहले

      Try the following! (Typos, misspellings as received.) Jim Rada
      Octtoberr l2hr2 alt 2:Sp5tlmsomnel6n icSlsPhihMoredela ·
      Here is a story you don't want to miss.
      Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia, had three children: Hunter, Beau and Naomi.
      In 1972, Neilia and Naomi, died in a car accident. Joe eventually married a woman named Jill (his current wife).
      He already knew her because she had been Hunter's babysitter at the time of the car accident. (Yeah, THAT seems normal- marry the babysitter). They had a daughter named Ashley. Ashley lives 'a quiet life' and is frequently in and out of rehab for various substance abuse issues.
      Now sadly, the sanest, most normal one of the 3 surviving kids, Beau, dies in 2015 from a brain tumor. He had been married to Haillie and they had 2 children, a boy and a girl named Natalie, who was 11 yrs old when her dad died.
      Enter Hunter Biden, in 2015, to "comfort" his brother's widow. Mind you, Hunter is married at the time, to Kathleen Biden, since 1993. He starts screwing around with his dead brother's wife in 2015...his wife Kathleen finds out about it and they separate. Hunter moves in with his dead brother's wife, Haillie,and her two kids and they have a grand old time. He ultimately gets divorced from Kathleen in 2017. Meanwhile, he starts screwing around with a stripper, while still shacking up with his dead brother's wife, before his divorce is finalized, and gets the stripper pregnant. Haillie kicks his butt to the curb supposedly for this indiscretion in 2018. He denies the stripper's baby is his, although a paternity test proves otherwise and eventually he marries a woman named Melissa in 2019 after knowing her for 6 days...
      Does the tale end there? Why no, no it doesn't.
      That just sets the stage...
      Enter the laptop from hell...loaded with emails, text messages, photos, child pornography, videos, and other sordid digital images of drug use and rampant weirdness....
      Hunter Biden dropped the laptop off in Delaware, his home state, to get it repaired. It seems he dropped it in some water while in a meth-induced state of mind. He then neglected to pay the $85.00 repair fee and the laptop became the repair shop owner's property for non-payment. When the owner saw what was on it, he was ao disturbed that he contacted the FBI. No response. The DOJ? No response. Eventually, it landed in Rudy Giuliani's possession and he turned it over to the Delaware State Police AFTER making 4 copies of the hard drive. Turns out, there's quite a lot of child pornography on there...much of it involving children on Hunter's many trips to China. The Chinese Communist Party uses this as a blackmail tactic... They supply the young girls, they film you, unknowingly, and then they can keep you "in line", while paying you the big $$$ to do their bidding, like lucrative deals with your VP father.
      Millions of dollars were paid to Hunter Biden for favors with the US Govt while Joe Biden was VP under Obama.
      For 8 years Hunter made the contacts and split the money with his father, referred to as the "Big Guy" in all emails detailing how their ill gotten gains would be split up amongst all the criminals involved.
      Joe Biden sold out his country and used his meth head son to do it. ...
      But, IT GETS WORSE. Today, on the laptop, emails were released between Beau Biden's widow, Haillie, and Joe Biden in 2017 and more in 2018 when she and Hunter were still living together. They were casually talking about the continual "sexually inappropriate behavior" she had witnessed from Hunter toward her 14 year old daughter, Natalie, HIS NIECE!..
      She told Joe that she felt she had put her children in a dangerous situation by getting involved with Hunter Biden. Joe knew his son was screwing around with his niece and he advised his daughter-in-law to go to therapy.....No one went to the police and the abuse escalated. THAT is the main reason she broke off her relationship with Hunter. Among the pictures of Hunter having sex with young Asian children, there were hundreds of provocative pictures of a 14 year old girl, mainly topless, and hundreds more of Hunter Biden, in sexual poses with her, HIS NIECE. She was 14 yrs old and HE WAS 48!!
      THE END.....but, is it? Nope. Rudy says there is more to come, primarily involving Joe Biden getting rich off laundering foreign money through our country, using his son as intermediary. Biden is as dirty and crooked as they come. Hillary looks clean compared to him. Now it makes sense why Obama REFUSED to endorse him as the DNC candidate until he was the last man standing!
      More to come...
      Dear God, how much worse can this get?

  • normangt
    normangt साल पहले +13

    What is even more interesting is that Sky News in the U.K. are also not covering this at all.....go figure! Anyone know why?

  • Jaystar 718-518
    Jaystar 718-518 साल पहले +71

    Shout out to sky news for actually doing there job and reporting on this!!!! Great job Sky news

    • Jon Kessler
      Jon Kessler साल पहले +3

      Right! It's sad as American's we have to watch Aussie news to get the truth...

  • Bill Kerman
    Bill Kerman साल पहले +6

    Good on you, Sky News, one of the last honest media outlets.

  • Christina Bowers
    Christina Bowers साल पहले +17

    If it's not his why does he want it "back"?

  • NoBreakz
    NoBreakz साल पहले +64

    Seriously, can someone explain to me why tf sky news AUSTRALIA is the best news provider out here these days?

    • david welch
      david welch 7 महीने पहले

      so read aussie news, I don't think anyone is stoping you

    • Rick Schwab
      Rick Schwab साल पहले +1

      @arthur dolle but it seems that it is and has been for the recent past anyhow.

    • arthur dolle
      arthur dolle साल पहले

      Maybe it's not

  • BQaz
    BQaz साल पहले +3

    Absolutely fantastic. Finally, a plain talking, truth-telling report. What's even more astounding? The people commenting below who hear the facts and doubt it. Willfully ignorant.

  • redwagon1967
    redwagon1967 साल पहले +70

    Thank you Australia for covering this when our OWN media won’t!

  • Alex Gutierrez
    Alex Gutierrez साल पहले +13

    4+million views!!! THANK YOU SKY NEWS🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸Get the word out to keep freedom prevalent on the world stage!

  • Ealswythe Angelic Realms
    Ealswythe Angelic Realms साल पहले +51

    I love how Australia news actually dares to report the truth.

    • Blog4Justice
      Blog4Justice साल पहले

      @David King If you post a link, please indicate what it contains.

    • tony
      tony साल पहले


    • tony
      tony साल पहले


    • Nick Newton
      Nick Newton साल पहले +1

      They only report half the truth because for some reason they think people in America only look in America. If you check the Australian news has fact and fiction giving the appearance of being different. If you look at the words and presentation they are very much for the Democrats. Even information on polling what people think they give the impression it is a close race. It is not a close race Trump will get both houses back then watch the train pick up speed.

  • brenda wilson
    brenda wilson साल पहले +78

    The president should fire all of these FBI agent's that did not do their job's! Agree Bannon! This is unacceptably!

    • Mark Massey
      Mark Massey साल पहले +3

      Including Biden

    • Mermaidtails Geig
      Mermaidtails Geig साल पहले

      @Nick Newton what’s going on with Barr over this! Why isn’t Barr talking about it?

    • Mermaidtails Geig
      Mermaidtails Geig साल पहले

      Yes, I agree and he has the power to do so and even to imprison them. Why hasn’t he?

    • Joanis Ruiz
      Joanis Ruiz साल पहले +4

      Biden is over!!

    • Nick Newton
      Nick Newton साल पहले +5

      At this moment he legally can not, however next week his new order which has been signed will give him the power to fire some. Lets see. When WRAY had this drive last November and said and did nothing it really stinks. Had he told the contents the Impeachment against Trump could not have happened. They spent 48 MILLION yet Wray let them spend the money and they found nothing except on Bidens laptop! Do the maths.

  • sidney byler
    sidney byler साल पहले +5

    Funny how nobody talks about this anymore… media just swept it under the rug sadly

  • Captain Willy Grimm
    Captain Willy Grimm साल पहले +7

    Arrest Them Now Please!!!! Justice Is Easy For The People of These United States.........do it for us though, because it is your job.

  • ChrispBMW87
    ChrispBMW87 साल पहले +5

    MSM in USA doesn’t even cover this scandal. Thank you!

  • Mark Massey
    Mark Massey साल पहले +41

    Why wasn't this released before election. Just what we need a Russian-chinees owned president

    • robert lindsey
      robert lindsey 5 महीने पहले

      And now, they're getting their money's worth.
      Time has come for Joe, to pay the piper.

    • K Miller
      K Miller 7 महीने पहले

      It was and then the media covered it up…sad!

    • Andrew Meszaros Jr
      Andrew Meszaros Jr 10 महीने पहले

      Google…. Videos of trumps sons and Russian money

    • GentlemanBystander
      GentlemanBystander साल पहले +3

      It was, the "fix" was already in before November.

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo साल पहले +13

    A quick comparison of how Donald Trump's "kids" turned out versus Joe Biden's "kids" : When they grow up with wealth, but don't end up being spoiled, arrogant, getting into trouble, well, That reflects on the difference in parenting, nurturing getting your kids to maturity, etc Everyone who is a parent knows these challenges. This is why my choice for 2020 is easily Trump - Orange Man Good
    This is my original comment that was posted 4 times now. The first 2 times accumulated 150+ likes and 50+ replies

  • K
    K साल पहले +514

    As an American citizen I must say it’s an absolute shame I have to hear the real news from Australia! Thank you

    • Charlie Wilson
      Charlie Wilson साल पहले

      @Neil Cowan You've got to be shittin me. The American left has gone insane. The can't bear to know how corrupt the DNC and they're pick is.

    • Neil Cowan
      Neil Cowan साल पहले

      @Agent 007 Bond james bond Congratulations on being a rational and reasonable human being. Its a great pity that there are so many million irrational and unreasonable ones that don't feel that shame! Lets just hope he goes, otherwise the US as a democracy and a respected world power is done. :(

    • Neil Cowan
      Neil Cowan साल पहले

      @teresa howell on youtube? lol

    • teresa howell
      teresa howell साल पहले

      If you look Rudy has details and the documents on his page on utube

    • Neil Cowan
      Neil Cowan साल पहले

      @Mr. S LOL. They just don't get it! Can't tell news from propaganda.

  • Jim Jacobs
    Jim Jacobs साल पहले +113

    SKY NEWS , Hits a home run on this. My American news media is junk.

    • tony
      tony साल पहले +2

      G news china releasing HB hard drive stuff for days now..Its bad bad bad for Bidens obama and Clintons.. GO TRUMP

  • Feminine One💄👠
    Feminine One💄👠 साल पहले +7

    Excellent analysis 💯🥰🙏🏽

  • kingkuts
    kingkuts साल पहले +6

    We need to bring this up again and again

  • Anita George
    Anita George साल पहले +2

    What a GREAT interview. Thank you so very much.

  • William Ruiz
    William Ruiz साल पहले +232


    • William Ruiz
      William Ruiz साल पहले

      @Ron J I AGREE

    • Bigfoottehchipmunk
      Bigfoottehchipmunk साल पहले +2

      We need her there. She'd be silenced in the US.

    • Connor K.
      Connor K. साल पहले

      sky news is operated by same family that does fox lol and fox is owned by disney!

    • Ron J
      Ron J साल पहले +2

      We need real and truthful media here. There are real reporters here but banned by the Fake News media.

    • Laura Noonan
      Laura Noonan साल पहले +4


  • Marilyn Ramirez
    Marilyn Ramirez साल पहले +13

    The computer shop owner is a hero! Thank you for doing the right thing.

  • Teddy TwoGuns
    Teddy TwoGuns साल पहले +17

    Wray needs to be arrested for obstruction...

  • lyle johnson
    lyle johnson साल पहले +8

    WHERE the hell is the FBI and indictments ?????????????????

  • Michelle Pagni
    Michelle Pagni साल पहले +1

    Awesome interview...thank you for this great journalism!

  • David Tong
    David Tong साल पहले +82

    I tried to share this story on twitter myself and I was blocked. Big Tech needs to be dismantled. period.

    • Mae L
      Mae L साल पहले

      Twitter sucks. Use GAB instead. (gab.com)

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